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Ventana Metropolitan District has an existing mill levy of 40.559 mills obligated to pay off Debt (see Annual Report)  and 10.000 mills to fund Operations and Maintenance within the District. At this time, there is no discussion regarding issuing future mill levies. The Debt mill levy will remain until the obligated debt is paid off. The debt is currently set to mature in 2053 and 2055 respectively, and there are currently no anticipated increases or decreases.

Here is a summary of the District’s current outstanding Long Term Financial Obligations:


Name of Debt

Initial Debt Issuance Amount

Maturity Date

Interest Rate

Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds


September 1, 2053


Limited tax General Obligation Bonds


December 5, 2055



The main function of the Ventana Metropolitan District is to collect tax revenue to pay off Long-Term Debt, provide covenant enforcement and architectural review, facilitate trash service,  conduct operations of the Recreation Center, and provide operations and maintenance on District Tracts, including but not limited to landscape maintenance. At this time, the District does not anticipate providing additional primary functions.

The District currently owns the detention ponds, parks and open spaces, Recreation Center, and landscape tracts. *Click here to view the Landscape Service Area map.

Please contact our District Manager, WSDM - District Managers at 719-447-1777 if you have any questions.



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