The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Packets on the Board Meeting Info page.

Recreational Center Dues: $114/quarter or $38/month

Trash & Recycle:

1 Trash & 1 Recycle: $50.55/qtr or  $16.85/month

1 Trash & 2 Recycle: $68.55/qtr or $22.85/month

2 Trash & 1 Recycle: $80.55/qtr or $26.85/month

2 Trash & 2 Recycle: $98.55/qtr or $32.85/month


Non-Residents: (billed annually)

              Recreation Center - $600/ year


Great Room Renting:

              $200 refundable security deposit

              *If using pool area: $5 per guest

Violation Fine:



Excavation$20/ week until resolved
Construction Hours$10/ incident
Pet Waste$20/ incident
Leashed Pets$20/ incident
Nuisance$50/ month until resolved
Trash Receptacles/ Refuse$5/ day
Unapproved Arch. Project$50/ month until resolved
Landscape Maintenance$10/ week until resolved
Lights, Sounds, Odors$20/ month until resolved
Vehicles$20/ week until resolved
Signs$10/ month until resolved